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Future of Ownership

We are creating the global standard for digital certification of luxury products

Authenticity is a major concern for people buying luxury products. Even today, proof-of-ownership is not offered to buyers and owners in a reliable manner, despite the fact that the luxury market is filled with stolen items.

We bring blockchain certifications to all your products and collections, providing you with cutting-edge technology service to improve your customers' user experience.


With the Soma app you can use digital passports on your phone to verify and prove the authenticity of your most precious items. Digital passports include the item’s essential information, its origin and its history enabling you to follow your item all along its lifetime.


The Brand Data Hub is the control center for brands issuing digital passports for their products. This webapp enables brands to issue digital passports, distribute them and send messages to the current owner of the product.

Team Members

Jukka Hilmola

CEO & co-founder

Riku Luukkonen

CMO, Partner

Joseph Al Sharif

CPO & co-founder

Javier Ochoa

Lead Developer

Ville Hilmola

COO & co-founder

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